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best man speeches

How to write a best man speech

Have you been asked to deliver a best man speech at an upcoming wedding?


Writing a successful best man speech can be difficult. Delivering one with confidence can be harder still. At Best Man Speeches we provide everything you need to write a brilliant, funny and memorable best man speech.

Best man speeches are tough. Everybody knows that. All eyes are on you to be interesting, to be witty and to be entertaining.

Our sample best man speeches are the perfect inspiration for great best man speeches, that will be remembered for all of the right reasons.

Each of our sample best man speeches has been written by a professional speechwriter. Our speeches have been written by a variety of writers - each with their own writing style. You are sure to find a variety of great speeches that are perfect for your needs.

Our sample speeches are great, but our best man packs also come with so much more - over 200 pages of great content including sample best man speeches, best man jokes, best man toasts, best man duties, guides and advice.

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Best Man Speeches

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A sample best man speech is the perfect solution to "blank page syndrome".

It's so hard to write a speech from scratch. That's why our sample best man speeches are so great. Simply read through the sample speeches we provide in our speech pack (more than 20!) then select your favorite as a starting point. Of course you can also mix-and-match by picking your favorite pieces from our range of different speeches until you have your perfect sample speech.

Many of our customers choose to use our sample best man speeches exactly as they are. However, we advise best men to add a personal touch. Of course, we provide a guide to show how easily this can be done.

Add some personal stories or anecdotes about the groom or groom. Perhaps there is an interesting story to how the groom met his bride? We provide lots more suggestions to inspire you. Add some of the hundreds of best man jokes, quotes, poems or other content we provide to really enrich your best man speech in a personal way.

Finally, end on a high with an amazing, uplifting and memorable toast - we provide more than 50 sample best man toasts.

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Best Man Speeches

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best manBy the time you've used our sample best man speeches, jokes, toasts and other content and followed our guides to writing your own great speech, there's only one thing left to do - deliver your best man speech.

Don't fret, many, many people are terrified of public speaking. Even people used to speaking in front of groups are daunted at the thought of delivering their own best man speech in front of an expectant audience.

Don't worry!

For over a decade we've provided free public speaking advice to millions of people worldwide at our website. We know what makes an audience tick and we've created a terrific guide to help you deliver your best man speech successfully and with confidence.

In the first ten years of our operation we never once solicited our clients for compliments. That did not stop our clients from sending them to us. We hope that one of our favorite comments ever inspires you:

"I wrote a speech from your structural style. I opened, got a laugh, made an anecdote, and closed well. Not bad for a first timer in front of 500 people. Thanks!"

Solve your best man speech worries - download your sample speech pack now - complete with public speaking guides.

Best Man Speeches

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Everything you need to deliver an

amazing best man speech

Great sample best man speeches:

  More than 20 sample best man speeches

  Over 50 memorable toasts

  200 best man jokes

  50 best man quotes

  10 Irish best man toasts

  10 best man poems

Over 200 pages of sample best man

speeches, jokes, toasts and guides!

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  Best man speech format explained

  How to deliver a speech with confidence

  How to write your own best man speech

  Learn about your best man duties

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